Sunday, January 16, 2011

My 3rd Nendoroid

Thanks to a sale on Hobby Search, I managed to get my third Nendoroid, Takane Manaka, for only $20! Although she's a bit simple compared to my other Nendoroids, she's still utterly adorable <3 It took her a while to come in due to shipping her as a SAL package (around 3 weeks). But at least it saved me a few dollars (I hate that EMS shipping can cost over $20 T.T) On a good note, I filed for taxes and will be getting a nice amount allowing me to buy more wonderful figures! I have a few in mind that I want to buy (some of you may already know which ones after looking at my Christmas wishlist ^^;). Anyway, here are a few quick shots I took of her <3

Definitely my favorite pose ^^

My "virtual girlfriend" hehe ^^;


  1. Yea, Takane was my choice too in Love+
    Great steal btw, a Nendoroid for 20 is sweet lmao

  2. She is very cute. Now on my want list ^^

  3. woaaa... cute girls....
    thats name is Manikin, yo.. ?