Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meeting the Angry Video Game Nerd

Finally, a video game related post (well, not really). Some people may know him as the Angry Video Game Nerd or AVGN. I call him by his real name, James Rolfe, who is the creator of the AVGN and several other hilarious videos. Well, lucky for me, I live in NYC right next to our neighbor New Jersey, and James just happened to be stopping by. Wouldn't of missed this opportunity for the world!

Arriving at the magical land that is Clifton, New Jersey.

Digital Press, a retro video game store that was hosting the event.

The main event!

The games were a little bit pricey, probably because James was there ^^;

Some really cool bobble heads.

James entering the store. With his back turned, it's kinda hard to believe it's him ^^;

Getting closer! We got to the store an hour before so we didn't have to stand on the enormous line outside (pics below)

Brought my copy of Majora's Mask for James and Mike to sign (drawing a doodle of Link in the back ^o^)

And of course, a picture of us with The Nerd :)

Once we left, the line was wrapping around the block o_o; I heard people stood on it for hours just to see him.

My cartridge signed by both James and Mike ^^

Best doodle ever :D

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