Friday, December 24, 2010

My Room

Just entered Danny Choo's giveaway at I'm pretty embarrassed after looking at other people's awesome rooms filled with all those figures, manga/anime collections, video games and posters while mines is so bare ^-^; But my collection is still growing and I will admit; I love my cozy room. Decided to post it up on my own blog and maybe as I get more merchandise I can take more pictures in the future and compare them. For all those who entered, good luck!

My tiny room. There's barely any floorspace so I have a bed that can fold up as a couch. 

My desk. I used to have a laptop but replaced it with a more powerful PC. It's brand new.

My lovely girl, Mei-chan. She loves sweets ^^;

My drawer with my 32'' Sony TV. I have a Wii and a PS3 accompanied by Mikus XD

My games are all hiding in one of the drawers. Can't display them due to lack of space D:

My window and plushie collection. 


  1. i like your room =)
    it's very simple and clean. mine is just a mess =.="